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Austins Harvey is set within the grounds of the beautiful Devonia Homestead on Harper Street in Harvey, which was established in 1912.  Devonia is named after Alf's beloved home in Devon, England, from whence he came.  The land was originally owned and occupied by Alf and Caroline Snell who earlier lived on the corner of King and Harper Streets, and who owned citrus orchards and a horse staging post which spread across the entire block bound by Harper, King, Baker and Harvey Streets.   It is believed that Alf Snell planted a tiny Morton Bay Fig tree in the middle of his orchard, which is now humungous and adjacent to the homestead.  No one in the early 1900s would have believed just how big this tree would grow !! 

The property changed hands a number of times and in the late 1970s, Devonia Homestead was purchased and occupied by William (Bill) Humphries who was based in Harvey and who was then employed by the Public Works Department.   Bill Humphries completed significant additions to the original property to house his growing family, resulting in what is now a natural guest accommodation wing.

Through a succession of owners over the past 106 years, there have been interesting alterations to the homestead, many of which are reflected in wonderful photographs which have been carefully copied, enlarged, laminated and are now displayed around the property for visitors to enjoy.

Experienced in hospitality and events, we purchased Devonia Homestead in 2017, seeing the potential for Bed and Breakfast accommodation and a wide variety of private functions and social gatherings.  Austins Harvey is the perfect distance from, and central to, Perth and towns in the South West for owners of Classic and Custom Cars and Motorcycles to drive their pride and joy to a truly interesting destination to enjoy pre-booked morning or afternoon tea functions, lunch or dinner for small or large groups any day of the week.



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